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Sisters, sisters...

We are Chelsea and Kassie, sisters who have been baking since...forever.


I remember being the designated "mixer" while my older sister measured the ingredients, plopping them on top of my hand with flour flying up everywhere. Once we attempted to make cookies with no adult supervision ended up breaking our dad's favorite mixing bowl and spilling flour all over the kitchen floor which resulted in a indoor slip and slide contest. We hope to build this business, but for now we are doing this from our home kitchens between jobs and families. Thank you so much for your support as we start this new journey!    




Eat cookie?


Eat cookie. Might sound like a subtle homage to a certain blue puppet with a penchant for devouring these delectable snack staples. It’s not. It’s a reference to an obscure rom-com from 1999 called “Mickey Blue Eyes.” It’s not a great movie, but there a couple of funny bits in it that for whatever reason stuck in our family’s collective subconscious. One is where Hugh Grant’s character and his love interest played by Jeanne Tripplehorn are eating out at a Chinese restaurant. Grant has written a marriage proposal into a fortune cookie fortune and is anxiously waiting for his intended to crack open the cookie. Also anxiously waiting is the restaurant owner who is standing tableside so as not to miss the glorious reveal. Only lady love doesn’t want her cookie. The owner keeps insisting shoving the cookie in front of her, “You eat cookie.” Beat. “Eat cookie.” Another beat. “EAT @#&! COOKIE!”

We thought it best to leave the cursing out.

- Chelsea

Because baking is an adventure!

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