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Eat Cookie goes to Georgia!

Towards the end of April, we decided to take a much needed break and visit a part of the country we have never explored before, Savannah, Georgia! It was really magical. The jasmine scented air breezed through the Spanish moss draped trees as we strolled down the beautifully manicured historic squares surrounded by stunning 17 and 18 century architecture. There was also food, lots of food!!! One day we walked into Byrd's Famous Cookies, our competitor (Hah! Yeah, just kidding!) They have been doing business 1924 and now bake over a billion cookies a year! Dat be a LOT of cookies. We visited their store on the Savannah Riverfront. Their cookies are very different than our, very small and crunchy. But both our cookies shares one thing in common, both of our cookies are full of flavor! My favorite of Byrd's were the Georgia Peach Cookies. As we were buying some cookies to go we got talking with the employees. The workers there couldn't have been friendlier! We told them that we just started a cookies business, and they asked for our business card, which I conveniently had. They complemented the design, and before we left they were checking out our website! This made both Chelsea and me soooooo happy to have some new fans in Georgia! The support that we have gotten over the past month has been so fantastic. Thank you to everyone who has been giving us ideas and feedback! Also, I would highly recommend Savannah if you are needing a vacation idea. There is so much to see and do, and the people are super friendly! Now, we are both refreshed from our trip and ready to bake y'all some cookies!

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